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Dr. Anderson, you are amazing! I love being your patient! I was driving down to visit family in California when I lost a veneer off a front tooth. I contacted Dr. Anderson to see what would be the best course of action. Dr. Anderson spent a lot of time finding a dentist in Elk Grove, California, who would see me and be able to recement the veneer. I had an appointment as soon as I got to town and my vacation was saved. Not only is Dr. Anderson a fantastic dentist, but he went above and beyond to take care of me! Thank you, thank you!
Amazing dentist!

For years, I have suffered from ringing and pressure in my ears and persistent dizziness. Then teeth grinding and headaches started. My primary care physician dismissed my symptoms as “stress related.” Another said Meniere’s disease. An ENT told me there was nothing wrong with my ears, it was my jaw. At my next dental cleaning, I ask Dr. Anderson about it, and he and his staff discussed testing and options for treatment. Eight weeks into treatment and I am headache- and dizziness-free. The pressure and crackling in my ears is less and I am hopeful the ringing will be next to leave. Dr. Anderson is my hero. Amy is pretty awesome, too!

Super hi-tech procedure. Really nice and capable doctor. Intelligent and friendly team. I am 73 and it’s the best I have been.

Best care I have ever gotten for my teeth!! Highly recommend!!

Excellent and professional dentistry by a knowledgeable and caring staff. My “go-to” dentist for many years! Thanks.

Fantastic customer service, and great compassion for what they do.

This was my first-time visit to Dr. Anderson’s dental office. Everyone was very nice and friendly. Renee was really nice and gave me the best cleaning I have ever had, and a little education on how I can do better at my dental care. Dr. Anderson takes time getting to know you and makes sure you have a chance to ask any questions you may have. I feel like I received a more thorough dental exam from him than from any dentist I have ever been to. I just moved up to Oregon from California, and I am very happy that I have found my new dentist. Five stars to the entire staff!

I love this office! They are so family oriented. I saw them for the first time when I was eight-months pregnant with my third child, and they were so thoughtful and caring during the entire visit. Every visit for us is a family affair with myself, my husband, and my five- and three-year-old receiving cleanings or just check out. My oldest loves going to the “teeth doctor,” and even though my three-year-old doesn’t sit still at all, Dr. Anderson still makes a point of sitting with him and looking at his teeth and making him comfortable and entertained all at the same time. I would recommend his office to anyone.

I have been having problems with TMJ for over a year. My complaint was heard, evaluated, and a plan of action laid out. I was treated courteously and each step of the exam explained. The caring attitude by everyone and professionalism was outstanding, the best I’ve received. My thanks to the caring staff.

As a person with a lifetime dentist phobia, this is your dream office! The entire staff is so personable and kind. My appointment was extremely comprehensive and educational. Although I’m due for some work (thank you very much, 40s) I have no fear or hesitation to head right back and get it done. I’d give this office 100 stars. 🙂

It’s funny, I go in nervous and come out feeling like I just left a spa! Friendly staff, and very professional! I love being able to put a headset on and watch a movie while they work on my teeth!

Dr. Anderson and his team have a top-notch practice and use the latest technology and tools to help you achieve a healthy smile. The office is clean and inviting and his care is outstanding. If you are looking for a friendly office with excellent hygienists and a cutting-edge dentist, look no further than Dr. Anderson.

I can’t say enough about the care and expertise Dr. Anderson and Amy showed while putting my tooth back together. Wow! Found my dentist!

Nate is more like a close family friend than a dentist! He’s always been great to us—a wonderful dentist and great staff. I felt right at home; the ladies were talkitive and wonderful. The assistant was super sweet! Best dentist ever!!
December 01, 2016

I recently went to Nathan Anderson’s dental office and was impressed by the service and the technology they had available. They gave me a very thorough evaluation and really listened to everything I had to say, and if they could help me immediately, they did! The people were amazing and you could see that they cared about what they were doing and how it affected the patient. I would highly recommend them!

Dr. Anderson has been our family dentist since his first day in Oregon. We had a delightful visit today, and his hygienist was extremely professional in her work.

I have never liked going to the dentist, but going to Dr. Anderson is very relaxing, and the quality of his work is amazing. Thank you to the whole team for making my visits pleasant!

Everyone is so personable, and I am always greeted with a smile. I always have great service! They are all caring and very knowledgeable and always answer any of my questions or concerns. I would recommend Dr. Anderson’s office to anyone and everyone, especially if you have a fear of the dentist. Dr. Anderson and his staff are very good at what they do and will make you feel comfortable and at ease!

As much as I’ve always hated going to the dentist (and I remember experiences as a kid!), this is the best visit I’ve ever had. I really like Dr. Anderson and his very nice, professional staff.

I appreciate the care that I receive at Dr. Anderson’s office, not only by Dr. Nate but from his assistants as well. I always feel they have my best interest at heart.

I just received the best cleaning I have ever had. The staff is friendly and go out of their way to make patients feel comfortable. Dr. Anderson does exceptional work, explains options, and does his best to ensure you have a pain-free and positive experience. Everyone I have referred has given positive feedback.

Dr Anderson is very good in explaining proceedures and laying out the various options and costs. I recently went to him when my current dentist was not lisening to my verbal complaints. With a thorough exam, he found the problem and offered various options. His staff is also pleasant and help you relax.

I broke my front tooth off while my regular dentist was on vacation. I got a referral for Dr. Anderson from my dentist’s staff as it was an emergency for me. Dr. Anderson saw me the same day and put in a temporary tooth. I was so pleased with his work that I had him put in the permanent crown. It’s fabulous. I was so pleased with the work and the atomosphere of the office that I switched from my old dentist of over 10 years to Dr. Anderson. I’m really happy with my choice.

Dr. Anderson is the best! He is kind and thorough and great with my kids as well. Hands down the best dentist I’ve had.

Great people who just want to help you get where you need to be. Thank you for your amazing service and caring hearts. You guys ROCK!!

Gentle, kind, super willing. My mother was visiting from out of town. She broke a tooth and called Dr Anderson. He came in on his day off and took care of the issue. He was prompt and happy to do what he could. All this took less than three hours to complete. Dr Anderson also made a bridge at the same time. That will be ready next Thursday. I am extremely satisfied and will continue to visit Dr. Anderson.

Dr. Anderson is unique among dentists. No rushing people in and out in that office. Dr Anderson takes the time to not only do amazing work but to explain what is going on: options, treatments or whatever you need to be comfortable with the work being done. I have never been in an office that is so focused on the well-being of the patient. If you want a dentist that really cares about more then just his patients’ teeth, stop by Anderson Dental. You won’t be disappointed.

I couldn’t tell you guys earlier because my tongue was numb, but my right front tooth feels SO smooth now! Thank you! 🙂

You would find that you are treated better than you could have hoped for. Me and my whole family feel this way. Whenever we talk of OUR dentist, we always can’t help but smile.

My last visit to Dr. Anderson’s office was so nice. The hygienist is so sweet and puts you right to ease. Getting my teeth cleaned was quick and painless. Dr. Anderson came in and reviewed my X-rays with me, in detail. Gave me an honest evaluation on what needs to be done and in what priority. All this while considering my insurance and respecting my personal budget. He has a great sense of humor and is a genuinely good guy!

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