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During a thorough dental examination at Nathan M. Anderson DMD, we prioritize the detection of oral cancer. Early identification is crucial as most forms of oral cancer are treatable when caught early. Our dental team is extensively trained to recognize the signs of oral cancer.

Although anyone can be susceptible to the disease, certain groups face higher risks. Here are the top seven risk factors for oral cancer:

  1. Age: Individuals in their mid-40s and older are at increased risk. While the majority of diagnosed cases occur around age 62, recent trends show a decline in the average age due to HPV-related cases. Regular oral cancer screenings are vital at any age.

  2. Gender: Men are twice as likely to develop oral cancer compared to women. However, the gender difference is decreasing due to increased alcohol and tobacco use among women. Both genders should schedule regular oral health exams.

  3. Tobacco: Smoking or chewing tobacco significantly increases the risk of oral cancer. Tobacco can lead to cancer of the mouth, throat, cheeks, gums, and lips. Even non-smokers should undergo oral cancer examinations.

  4. Alcohol: Heavy drinkers are at a higher risk, with about 70% of diagnosed cases linked to heavy alcohol consumption. Oral cancer can still occur in non-drinkers, emphasizing the importance of regular dental check-ups.

  5. Human Papillomavirus (HPV): HPV is associated with approximately 10,000 cases of oral cancer annually in the United States. People with HPV-related oral cancers are often younger and less likely to smoke or drink. Regular dental visits are crucial for early detection.

  6. Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight increases the risk of lip cancer. UV protection, such as lip balms with SPF, is essential for those working outdoors.

  7. Diet: Poor nutrition, particularly diets low in fruits and vegetables, can increase the risk of oral cancer. However, oral cancer can develop in individuals with healthy diets. Regular oral examinations are recommended regardless of diet.

Oral cancer does not discriminate. Regular dental examinations are crucial for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or other factors. At Nathan M. Anderson DMD, we emphasize the importance of early detection through comprehensive oral examinations. Contact our dentist today to schedule your appointment and prioritize your oral health.

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